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Pre-Marital Online Course

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We believe proper preparation will lessen the likelihood of divorce and increase the likelihood of success and joy in marriage. When preparing for your license no one just wakes up one day and hops behind the wheel. You have to prepare. Studying for the written test, practicing for the driving test. Why? To decrease the likelihood of failing and accidents and increase the chances of passing so you may drive on that wide open road. 

The same with marriage. Before you hop behind the wheel of marriage and blindly drive this path it is best you prepare. Studying for what may come. Similar to driving, no matter how much you study, you may still have accidents. However, you learn how to be a defensive driver, avoiding some accidents and lessening the damage to others. 

When you take a premarital course it does not guarantee you will not have pitfalls and accidents but it well show you both how to avoid some of those pitfalls and lessens the damage. Our course will show you what to look for, warnings signs and proven techniques.

We have designed and compiled our pre-marriage curriculum in a completely online and virtual course. This course will still address  topics such as:

  • Communication

  • Finance

  • Sex

  • Church

  • Roles

  • Infidelity: Affair Proofing

And so much more all within the privacy & comfort of your own home.

At your own pace. Our course includes handouts, videos and homework assignments.

​Get started on a strong foundation by doing the ground work! Also this course works as a refresher course for already marital couples.

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